We’re Angie and Steve. Our family lives with Celiac Disease and food allergies. When our youngest son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, we suddenly found ourselves without access to safe baked goods. We began adapting recipes to meet our family's dietary needs. After years of baking for our family and friends, we opened Sit By Me Bakery. We operated a home bakery in Denver from 2016-2018, then moved to Branson and opened a storefront.

We’ve since returned to Denver, and our home baking roots. In 2019 we will offer limited fresh baked goods as our schedules allow. Subscribe to our newsletter for advance notice of these dates!


Similarly to Sit By Me's first two years, we’re baking again from our home kitchen, under the Colorado Cottage Act. Since currently renting, there are some changes:

  • We’re now using an oven and dishwasher that we assume have not been dedicated gluten or allergy free. We ran the oven through a self-cleaning, and have sanitized the exterior, cook top, surrounding area, and hood. We ran the dishwasher through a sanitizing cycle with detergent, and cleaned the exterior and surrounding area.

  • Our youngest son passed food challenges over the past year. The top 8 allergens in our home now are milk, peanut, and tree nut. These allergens are stored separately from our baking items and area, and we clean and sanitize our kitchen before cooking for others. Our family does not use our kitchen on baking days until all the orders are done and packed up.

  • We use a dedicated gluten-free, top 8 free (aside from coconut), corn-free, yeast-free, seed-free, and nightshade-free stand mixer, microwave, pans, and utensils. All of these items, as well as our bakery ingredients, are used and stored in a separate part of the kitchen, on a dedicated prep table and shelf.

  • Desserts will be chilled in our bakery coolers, rather than a shared refrigerator.

  • Our house is home to a Maltese and a Calico. Please keep that in mind when picking up. If your allergies will be triggered by coming in, we will gladly run your desserts out to your car.

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It’s important you feel safe and cared for before we bake for you. If you have any questions about our space, training, and procedures, please email

Thanks for your support!

Angie & Steve Keenan