Love, Limits, and Growth

As most of you know, last week we decided to halt new transactions, allowing ourselves time to catch up on open orders, and recalibrate our vision. Taking a break was a helpful, yet difficult decision. We love our customers, and setting limits can be scary during the early months of small business building.

Over the past week we've continued fulfilling orders placed before our announcement. During deliveries, we've met amazing people, some of whom welcomed us into their homes to talk about the challenges of food allergy life. What an honor to be in connection with this resilient community!

Frequent drives across Colorado's Front Range have given us time to brainstorm. We're happy to say we've found a way to continue operating our home bakery while working toward our goal of opening a dedicated Top 8 Free commercial space...

We will now take limited orders, and deliver our delicious baked goods only on weekends.

Our new schedule allows us to provide the inclusive treats many in our community need, while freeing us up for the planning we need to grow our business.

The messages of support and offers of help we've received over the past week have encouraged us back into the maker's mindset required to chase our dreams. Thank you!

Set limits, love more, grow strong

Set limits, love more, grow strong