Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

We hope you're having a lovely holiday season! Our family celebrated Winter Solstice with brunch, small gifts, time in nature, and a movie. We're grateful for our health, and the connections in our lives.

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes - Blog post with some baking business updates by Allergen-Free Bakes

Our new business schedule is working out well! We're requesting all orders be placed by Thursdays. We begin baking Friday mornings, then deliver orders Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. We're using our freed-up time during the week to research ingredients, develop new recipes, and practice baking skills (particularly cake decorating!). Here are some highlights-

We've omitted potato starch from our flour blend, and added Arrowroot Flour from Authentic Foods to take its place. Our baked goods are now nightshade-free, which is helpful for people with potato allergy, or with nightshade sensitivity.

We've started using Frontier Co-Op Organic Vanilla Flavoring, a non-alcoholic vanilla product, which is safer for those with corn allergy or sensitivity. 

Our chocolate baked goods and frosting now feature Rodelle Organic Baking Cocoa. Rodelle is a historic Colorado company with an allergen safety protocol that makes us happy to switch to their high-quality cocoa!

We've introduced a new flavor to our available baked goods! Our spice cake recipe combines brown sugar, ginger, allspice, and cinnamon to create a warm taste with a slight kick. A perfect pick me up for these cold Colorado months!

And finally- oh my! Cinnamon Rolls and Pie! We've been perfecting these two recipes for awhile, and we're happy say they're now available!

Thanks for reading our business update! Stay warm and take care!

Steve & Angie