Shared Experiences and Needs in the Food Allergy Community

Steve and I, and our two teens, live a busy Celiac and multiple food allergy family life. This entails cooking meals from scratch, scrutinizing labels, and maintaining a scrubbed and sanitized kitchen. Every day. It can be exhausting. 

So why, when so busy and stressed, would we start a business providing baked goods for other people? Isn't it enough to do it for ourselves?


Not if you thrive on human connection, and find comfort in the shared experience of food allergy life. Not if your heart sings upon serving a safe slice of cake or pie, knowing you're trusted. Not if your joy comes from happy, hive-free faces, and exclamations of, "this is so yummy!" Not if you're us.

Food is a social binder. We come together, especially over the holidays, to share meals. When a food allergy is diagnosed, the emotional toll can be hard to bear. We might feel excluded at parties, or turn down invitations to social events.

We love our food allergy, Celiac, and EoE customers. We also love our customers who have no diet limitations, but order our cakes so their guests will be safe and included. Compassion. Connection. This is what fills our hearts. This is why Steve and I will continue to work hard to meet the needs of our community. Needs we know well. Needs we share.