Oh That Fluffy Frosting!

One of our favorite feedback moments occurred when our phone rang mere minutes after dropping off an order. I panicked a bit, fearing something was wrong with the cupcakes, but the customer's voice eased my anxiety and filled me with joy. The customer was remarking on the light and fluffy nature of our frosting, asking how we got it that way! This is the feedback that fuels us- the surprised responses when people bite into our baked goods that seem so free of things that you wonder how they even stay together, and surely they must taste like cardboard. Nope!

gluten-free cupcake

So how do we get our frosting so light and fluffy? A stand mixer, high-quality corn-free powdered sugar and palm shortening. We know some are opposed to palm products. We are sensitive to that. In some regions, palm oil cultivation has caused deforestation, and some palm oil plantations were developed without consulting local communities over the use of their land. Violations of workers’ rights to fair payment and safe working conditions and other malpractices have also occurred.

Thankfully, some in the palm oil industry have committed to adopting more sustainable practices, and an increasing amount of palm oil has been produced and sourced in a sustainable manner.

At Sit By Me Bakery we use Spectrum All Vegetable Non-Hydrogenated Shortening, which is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Spectrum Shortening is also certified USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Fair Trade Certified, and NonGMO Project Verified.

We disclose all the ingredients we use, and you can contact us anytime. Thank you for reading our blog today! Take care!

Angie & Steve