The Delectable Feedback Of Foodies

January flew by! We delivered many bakes and met amazing people. We added smaller batches of cupcakes and bundtlettes to our menu, allowing more of our community to try our treats. They're already quite popular!

One of our favorite parts of January was being invited to provide dessert for a group of Denver and Boulder foodies. We began baking the night before the party. Frustration ensued...

When we formed our business, we couldn't find a shared commercial kitchen free from the top allergens, so we started a Cottage Food Act bakery. We bake in our home kitchen, one small batch at a time, in our own oven. And it's wearing out.

Our oven's temperature spikes and falls, and at times our cakes follow suit. The night before the party was one of those times. We placed two pans of cupcakes in, and when we took them out, they were cratered. This has happened with orders before, and we've started over, adjusting oven settings, using a thermometer, and watching through the window for changes that indicate heat spikes. This time, however, we were out of hours, and flour. I almost cried! But then...

"Let's just fill the craters with ganache," I said, with a grin like the Grinch.

"Let's!" Steve agreed.

And so, along with cinnamon rolls and pie, we took ganache-patched cupcakes to the party. In hindsight, we should have sampled one ourselves. Oops! Luckily the cupcakes were a hit! Happy faces and feedback filled our night. We heard from folks with food allergies, Vegans, and those with no restrictions at all. We even spoke to people who've never liked chocolate, but enjoyed ours. How delightful!

We bought a corer, and ganache-filled cupcakes are now available in half-dozens and dozens. You can share them with friends and family, or gobble them up alone. We won't judge. We support the deepest sort of indulgence!

Some of us feel stuck in less than ideal circumstances. Sometimes the cake falls. We can cry, sure, but... we can also patch shit up with chocolate and move right along.

Thanks, Denver and Boulder foodies, for inviting us into your scene! Watching you interact with food brings us joy, especially when it's OUR food, in YOUR faces! :D

Angie & Steve