How Vitacost Saved Valentines Day

February was a great time to express our love and gratitude for our customers by having a Valentines Sale. The orders stacked up fast, and we soon realized our ingredients weren't going to stretch. Running out for another pound of flour isn't an option for bakers like us. We build our safe, gluten-free blend with ingredients that aren't available locally. So what was there to do? We loaded up a Vitacost cart and kept taking orders!

A few days later, our ingredients arrived! As a small business, not yet ready for bulk ingredients, we're grateful for Vitacost's low prices, but it's their Fast & Free shipping that saved our Valentines Day!


We're Vitacost Ambassadors, and while we do receive products in exchange for posts like these, that isn't the reason we sing their praises. When people are diagnosed with food allergies, the cost of eating may immediately increase. Allergy-friendly foods aren't wallet-friendly! Before we started our business, and before we became Vitacost influencers, we were already taking advantage of their low prices on Enjoy Life Chocolate and Wholesome Powdered Sugar. Every delivery came with a coupon, and Vitacost quickly became the source for affordable gluten-free and allergen-free staples in our home. We feel grateful for Vitacost, both as a food allergy family, and as allergy-friendly bakers.

Thank you for reading our post today! We hope you had a great February, and are ready to March on! 

Angie & Steve