The Simple Pleasure of a Safe Potato Chip

When our younger son, Mat, was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, life got instantly more challenging. We were already used to allergy life, as the rest of us had been previously diagnosed. The difference was, in addition to three of the top eight allergens, Mat was also allergic to seeds, and we were told to avoid many things. In the months following diagnosis, we threw out most of the food in our pantry, stopped dining out, and realized convenience foods were now off-limits.

Mat adjusted fairly well. He was ten when diagnosed, which made it easier in some ways, harder in others. He was able to read labels and learn about allergies, but there were favorite foods he'd eaten for years that he couldn't enjoy anymore.

The beauty of an accurate diagnosis is the ability to receive treatment, and make choices that improve quality of life. Mat missed many foods, but he also appreciated not being ill all the time. 


One food we immediately gave up after Mat’s diagnosis was chips. If you’re a label reader, you know why. Nearly all chips contain seeds. We kept looking, the four of us taking time to peruse market aisles, flipping packages over to scan ingredients.

Imagine our surprise this year when we found Jackson’s Honest Chips, which are made with coconut oil! We bought two bags, came home, and went to town!

File_000 (6).jpeg

Oh my! The chips were light and airy, perfectly crunchy, and they didn't leave our fingers greasy. We couldn't ask for more, except, y'know, more chips to devour!

We looked up the company and read about the owners' son, Jackson, their inspiration for starting their business. Their story is different from ours, but the commonality is our children’s health. We create what doesn’t exist to meet our kids' needs, then strive to meet the needs of our communities. 

Though Jackson’s Honest Chips are available through some local stores, we save up to 20% by purchasing through Vitacost! While Mat sticks to the Sea Salt variety, our older son prefers Barbeque, and Purple Heirloom are my favorite! We’re grateful we found a local, allergy-friendly, non-GMO chip company, and we appreciate having flavor choices! 

Our Summer plans include hiking, camping, and spending as much time as possible at the lake. We're packing up Jackson’s Honest to come along with us! 

Wishing you happy, warm days filled with safe and delicious snacks for your adventures!

We're Vitacost Ambassadors, and while we receive products in exchange for posts like these, that isn't the reason we sing their praises. When people are diagnosed with food allergies, their cost of living may immediately increase. We appreciate Vitacost's discounted prices, and fast & free shipping. Thank you, Vitacost and Jackson's Honest, for helping meet our family's Summer snacking needs!

Angie & Steve