Come And Knock On Our Door

First of all, if you're not humming the Three's Company theme song in your head, you're a young whippersnapper, and need to educate yourself on 80s sitcoms STAT. You've got Netflix. Use it!

On to today's blog post- it's about deliveries, pick ups, and shipping. 

Have you seen these people at your door?

We're Angie & Steve, and we appreciate all the small business support we receive! We bake every order fresh, and offer two options for getting treats into your hands- Friday pick ups at our home in Littleton, and Saturday deliveries, in and around Denver.

We often receive requests for shipping. Oh how we'd love to have a greater reach, and do more for the food allergy, EoE, food intolerance, Celiac, and other special diet communities, not to mention folks who simply enjoy delicious, inclusive baked goods! For now, we operate under the Colorado Cottage Act, which doesn't allow us to ship.

Since launching our home-based business almost a year ago, we have strived to do what we can within the boundaries of local laws, with a lack of adequate equipment, and while honoring our family's needs. Our vision is a small, private (for food allergy safety) commercial space which will allow us to use professional grade equipment, and produce consistent bakes in larger quantities. At that time, we will also be able to ship. For now, we work with what we've got, and we push toward our goals.

Thank you for reading our post! We appreciate you, and hope to knock on your door soon (we're only slightly creepy, promise)! 
Angie & Steve

Photos by local photographer Kathleen Peachy.