Year One

One Saturday last August, Steve carefully drove to Boulder, as I sat alongside, a tray of cupcakes on my lap. Our first bakery gig brought big emotions that solidified our vision- inclusion. The family who hired us had no food restrictions, but they wanted to accommodate food allergy guests. We were thanked, first by our clients, then by a mom of an allergy kid, then by the allergy kid himself, chocolate cupcake remnants on his little face. 

Steve and I are all-in folks who've made many sharp turns in our lives, individually, and together. When it came to starting a business, we made a choice, then flung ourselves forward. We've been tripping over our own feet ever since!

It was not our intention to run a home bakery, but when we couldn't find a safe shared kitchen, we chose to not give up. We dove into research and food safety courses while our friends and family helped buy supplies and equipment. We transformed our home into a small business, believing it would be for a short time. Alas!

There have been pitfalls and sacrifices during our first year, some of which you've witnessed (the water in the walls and subsequent kitchen rebuild), and some that have remained behind-the-scenes, as we navigate the blurred lines between personal and professional.

Despite our ups and downs, our strivings and failures, there has been one constant- our gratitude for being allowed to serve Colorado's specialty diet community. During our initial year, nothing has meant more than the stories you've shared of moments we made sweeter for you, and the photos of your crumb-covered kids have been the icing on the cake! Thank you!

File_000 (4).jpg

Year two will bring big changes, but we will remain focused on helping people connect over food. Let them eat cake, together!