Where We've Been Is Where We're Going


Have you heard? Sit By Me Bakery, and our family, are in a time of transition again. Again!!! Some of you have been with us for three years, and have supported us through numerous challenges and changes. Some of you are new, and we hope we don’t put you off with our behind the scenes updates! Steve and I practice vulnerability, both as individuals, and as small business owners. We believe allowing our imperfect selves and circumstances to be seen fosters connections, and encourages a more courageous and compassionate world!


It's no secret our family lives with Celiac Disease and multiple food allergies. We're also coping with chronic illnesses, and the financial challenges that accompany them. We announced the closure of our Branson bakery location last month, and placed our business on hiatus to focus on our family's needs. We tried to communicate this change clearly, but it's a complex time, with several parts still moving, so it's been hard to keep everyone apprised. In today's blog post I'll try to remedy that!


Firstly, our downtown Branson bakery is permanently closed. The doors are locked. The power is off. We're working with the property manager to try to fill the space, which is primed for another small food-based business. While no aspect of Sit By Me Bakery itself is for sale, including our recipes and brand, we've built and equipped a bright and beautiful kitchen, and cozy seating area, both dedicated free-from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts (except coconut), peanuts, corn, yeast, nightshades, and seeds. It would be wonderful for another allergy-conscious baker to come in to meet the needs of this beautiful community!

We've spoken with a handful of interested parties, but have not yet been able to secure a new baker. Please, if you know of anyone who may be interested in this amazing opportunity, send them our way! We know for a fact Branson locals, and the 8 million people who visit each year, would welcome another gluten-free, allergy-friendly, Vegan bakery with open arms!


Secondly, our family is moving back to Colorado this month. Steve has taken a job that is based in the Denver Tech Center, and we went out last week to secure a rental in Wheat Ridge! We’re looking forward to being near our friends and support systems again, and having the means to tend to our family’s needs, which have been largely unmet over the past year. Small business life is deeply rewarding, and we’ve loved so much of it, but sadly even a successful bakery doesn’t provide the sort of income to contend well with stacks of medical bills.

Cupcake Fall Colors.jpg

Thirdly, we’re not hanging up our aprons forever! While our focus over the next months will be on ourselves, we will return to baking as soon as possible. We'll need to operate under the Colorado Cottage Act again, as our savings were invested in our Branson space, and Denver real estate, both residential and commercial, is unforgiving! Working out of a home kitchen isn’t ideal, but we’ve done it before, and the house we are renting has updated appliances, which will help.

While we don’t see ourselves maintaining the pace we've been going the past three years, we're envisioning offering cinnamon roll pick ups once per month, and accommodating cupcake and cake needs when feasible. Our services will be quite limited by time and ability. Colorado’s Cottage Act doesn’t allow shipping, but we’ll do all we can for Denver’s specialty diet community. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to start this little endeavor.


Finally, thank you for caring about us! The past year and a half has been particularly hard on our family, with water leaks, major home repairs, mold exposure, income and insurance losses, a cross-state move, a new list of medical diagnoses, bakery construction woes, and the madness of self-starting a storefront in a destination town in the midst of the busy season! Whew! We've poured every facet of ourselves into Sit By Me Bakery, which truly is our baby.

Though we feel disappointed to close the door on our Branson adventure, and are sad to say goodbye to the people we love here, we remain dedicated to meeting the needs of those with Celiac Disease, food allergies, and EoE. We will bake for whomever we can, wherever we are, whenever we're able, and feel grateful for the opportunity. We don’t take the trust of people lightly and consider it the utmost honor to be allowed to serve them.


You know we’re not just here to feed you, so let’s stay in touch! We share relevant Celiac and allergy articles, as well as recipes from our favorite bloggers on our Facebook page. We use our Twitter account to connect with people in a more candid way (we’re all about those Twitter gifs!). Our Instagram account was sadly deleted by the platform over the weekend, with little chance of being restored, but we started a new one! We’ll be sharing photos of past bakes, as well as new content as we create it. Keep an eye out for recipes and giveaways over the holidays, as we partner with Vitacost and other companies! We also send out one or two newsletters a month. Life changes on a dime for us, it seems, and allowing us into your inbox is the best way to not miss a thing!

Thank you for reading our blog, and for supporting us through this transition! Wishes for a safe and cozy November! Please remember to get out to vote!

Angie & Steve