Angie & Steve provided amazing bakes for our wedding, and as an individual and family with multiple food allergies, it was thrilling to be able to offer dessert that everyone could eat! Everything was so professionally done and the setup was lovely. I couldn't have been happier on my wedding day! -Beth

It has been a big struggle for me since being diagnosed with celiacs to find desserts I could have, that were not contaminated, not to mention I can't have dairy and have a lot of other dietary restrictions, which left most of my dessert options disgusting and flavorless, not to mention having to be made by myself, which is a hassle sometimes. I had seen Sit By Me Bakery (formerly Allergen Free Bakes) on Instagram for months and had been following them, but hadn't yet had an occasion where I needed dessert. Enter a family party, where three of the people who were attending were Vegan/Gluten free and then of course myself. It was the perfect opportunity to try them. I decided to get the cinnamon rolls and their coconut cream pie. They not only delivered the goodies to my door, they stopped for a moment to talk with me and brought me beautiful flowers, they made me feel like my order and me mattered to them. I ate 3 cinnamon rolls at once they were so fabulous(and trust me that was not my intent) and when I brought the pie to the party, it was the only dessert polished off and I saw guests going back for second and third slices!! I can't say enough good things about them!!! I tell everyone I know about them, and I will certainly be a customer for life! -Alexandra

I need to be gluten free and everything I've tried of theirs is TO DIE FOR! Got their cinnamon rolls again today and I've tried their cupcakes and chocolate mousse pie too!! Amazing! They do not disappoint! -Jana

I absolutely LOVE the cupcakes and now the cinnamon rolls! My family has a slew of food allergies and we have missed having certain treats for special occasions. I first heard about Angie from a friend in AZ that met her at the Food Allergy Blogger Conference. It happened to be right before my son's 10th birthday. I ordered the cupcakes for my son and Angie was so sweet when she dropped them off on his birthday. We all enjoyed them very much (including having them for breakfast the next day)!! When I saw that they were now offering cinnamon rolls, I HAD to try them out!! I haven't had a good cinnamon roll since going gluten free almost 7 years ago and they were out of this world!!! I will happily order from Angie again!! I love that I am supporting a small, local business and that we have treats that are safe for my whole family. Thank you Angie for all that you do for allergy families!! -Shannon

Oh my goodness! Cupcakes I can eat that are truly scrumptious! I am gluten and dairy free and have struggled for years to find anything that tastes decent. Sit By Me Bakery (formerly Allergen-Free Bakes) did NOT disappoint! The textures was amazing, the cupcakes were actually moist and did not crumble and fall apart when taking a bite, and the vanilla/cinnamon buttercream..... so YUMMY! I ate half a dozen within 3 days after receiving my box of goodies they are that delicious. -Wendy

We ordered an 8" round vanilla cake with pink frosting for our baby shower. It was delivered precisely at the requested time. They even put on decorations that matched our theme! The cake tasted wonderful and was a big hit. Between the mother to be and the hostess, there were gluten, corn, dairy, and egg allergies that were no longer a concern. Thank you! -Caleb

Just had our first order and the chocolate mousse cake was sooooooo delicious! What a treat to have something yummy on the holidays that's allergy free and I didn't have to cook it. Bless you! -Christina

We had the chocolate cake with vanilla icing. I'm recently gluten- and dairy-free but my family isn't. All four of us enjoyed this cake so much. The taste and texture was perfect and indistinguishable from a cake made with standard ingredients. -Kelly

The chocolate bundlettes are AMAZING! You would never know they're missing the top-eight allergens if someone didn't tell you! They are sooooooooooo yummy and safe for people with allergies! Best of everything! :) -Amy

This place has our favorite desserts in the Denver-Boulder area! We love everything, but especially recommend the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and the smash cakes are simply perfect! -Marybeth

Ordered a beautiful 1-layer birthday cake for my hubby and couldn't have been more thrilled! It was so absolutely delicious it was hard NOT to eat it for breakfast as well :) Plus Angie was a sweetheart and delivered right to my door. Thanks doll, looking forward to my next indulgence! -Liz

I am allergic to gluten and had the cupcakes today! Wow, by far the best gluten free deserts I have ever eaten. The frosting was delicious and for being gluten free the cake was incredible. Also, Steve and Angie are incredibly kind and wonderful people! Such a wonderful bakery would very much recommend!! -Kathleen

Not only are these beautiful creations delicious and gorgeous, but allergy-friendly to boot! Who knew such a thing existed? Great people, great concept: support local! -Amy

It was seriously the BEST cake! Absolutely delicious!!! -Nichie

The only thing I've eaten so far from Sit By Me Bakery (formerly Allergen-Free Bakes) is their cinnamon rolls, but that is enough to make me a fan! I haven't had a good cinnamon roll since going gluten free over 7 years ago, and these taste so good I guarantee nobody could guess they were any kind of allergen free. Can't wait to try all the other goodies! -Lori

On a couple hours notice, as a first time client with fatal food allergies, I was able to get my hands on some of the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes I have ever had. Sit By Me Bakery (formerly Allergen-Free Bakes) is truly a confectionary blessing to the community and I am so thankful that I have found a family-owned business to support for years to come! Thank you for doing what you do! -Christina C.

We thought we were ordering cupcakes but we were wrong, they were pure bites of heavenly delicious mouthwatering chocolate perfection. Sadly we ordered only half a dozen, next time we will surely be ordering a lot more. Furthermore Angie & Steve are amazing people, so caring and cool! Best customer experience ever!! -Gisselle

The best baked goods around, run by two of the sweetest people I know! -Annelise

My boyfriend's mother was diagnosed with celiac disease as a child, and normally has to sit out on all the good stuff at meals. I was planning a Mother's Day brunch for our families, and I wanted to do something special for her, so I ordered some Sit By Me Bakery (formerly Allergen-Free Bakes) cinnamon rolls. As it turns out, it ended up being her first time trying a cinnamon roll! She loved them (and so did I). Angie and Steve also brought me a cupcake as a little treat, and it was fabulous. The texture was different from what I'm used to in a totally delicious, dense and satisfying way, and the frosting was PERFECT. Thanks for being wonderful, lovely, gloriously spectacular people, Angie and Steve! -Kellie

Best. Treats. Ever. Having been gluten and dairy free for 5+ years now, I've tried just about every treat out there and have made a million recipes that just didn't cut it. I normally avoid eating these substitution items because they never meet the originals, but that is not the case with allergen free bakery. These people have concocted the real deal....but allergy free! Their cinnamon rolls are to die for and my family/friends are them up at the derby party. Most couldn't believe it was dairy and gluten free! They were the hit of the party and I can't wait to continue to order from these guys for every event I have. The best part? They delivered right to my door! How stress free is that?! Best bakery around, and the customer service and promptness of responses when my plans changed are unmatched by any company around. Support local!! -Anna

Absolutely amazing. I love cinnamon rolls but have always been intimidated to make from scratch. Thanks to allergen free bakes I can have them again and my son can too! They taste like heaven. Absolutely amazing. Great customer service as well. Will be ordering again! -Brit

I'm not sure what to rave about more, the amazing goodies or the wonderful people that make them. While I don't have any food sensitivities, my wife and step-daughter do. It's great to be able to actually enjoy the same gluten free, allergen free treats that they do. So far Angie and Steve have made the desserts for our wedding, cinnamon rolls for my Wife's birthday, and soon for my step-daughters graduation. Thank you so much Angie and Steve, you are awesome! -Jim N.

Best cakes around! They're amazing to work with!! -Jen V.

Today, thanks to Sit By Me Bakery (formerly Allergen-Free Bakes) I was able to have cupcakes for the first time in years for my birthday. I have to be careful with what I eat due to autoimmune issues. But because of this amazing small business in my creative community, I was able to enjoy these delicious goodies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my day special! Your bakes are nothing but mouth watering scrumptious! It is so wonderful not having to worry about what might be hiding in my desserts. I know when I get my goodies from Allergen-Free Bakes that what I am eating is completely safe for me. Thank you doesn't do my gratitude for what you do justice. -Wendy V.

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